Training in Japan and UK

  • My teacher Roy Flewin

    Roy Albert Flewin
    One of the greatest British Silversmith's of our time. I had the utmost privilege of not only being his student, but also worked alongside him in his workshop after I graduated from Sir John Cass School Of Art. Guildhall University. He treated me like a son, and passed on his skills faultlessly

  • Professor Masanobu Kitoh
    Teacher of Shibori hand raising. Nagoya.
    Renowned as Japan's greatest living shibori expert. I owe a great debt of gratitude and respect to Kitoh-san for all that he continues to share and for all that he has taught me.

  • Professor Norio Tamagawa
    Teacher of Mokume Gane, Nigata.
    Japan's top mokume gane National Treasure. I was honoured to spend a week in his studio learning the true way of making mokume gane. "Never take short cuts"!

  • The late Professor Hirotoshi Itoh
    My teacher at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music.
    He was the one who invited me to Japan to study under him. The first and last time for a westerner – and most influential sensei I have had the privilege to work alongside. He has now been accorded the status of National Treasure.